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Metal Glue - Weld Metal Repair Glue

Metal Glue - Weld Metal Repair Glue

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What's the best way to repair metal?

Try Metal Glue, the weld metal repair glue that makes it easy and fast to fix any metal surface! With its strong bond and waterproof seal, it's the perfect solution for any metal repair job.


Perfect Repair - Metal glue is a high strength epoxy adhesive used as an alternative to torch welding, providing strong and durable repairs to metal and several other surfaces, forming a strong and stable permanent bond.

High Strength - Metal glue provides a strong and durable bond that is stronger than welding, and features good wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance. It can be used for a variety of applications, including repairing cracks, filling gaps, and bonding metals.

Wide Range of Applications - Metal repair glue is widely used to fill casting defects such as trachoma cracks in iron and copper castings, and can also be used as general structural glue for bonding. It adheres to virtually any dry surface free of dirt and oil, and can be shaped, filed, sanded, drilled, etc., depending on its application.

Easy to Use - Metal repair glue adopts a push rod design, which can ensure that the paste in the A and B tubes is extruded at the same time in a ratio of 1:1. There is no need to control the glue ratio by yourself, to prevent the situation that the metal epoxy does not dry or the adhesion is reduced due to improper ratio.


1. Extrude the glue in a 1:1 ratio

2. Stir and mix the glue evenly

3. Polish and clean, evenly apply adhesive

4. Let it stand and wait for curing for 24 hours


Content: 85g

Temperature resistance range: 60 ° C~+200 ° C

Product color: Iron grey (mixed)

Curing time: 1h initial solidification; 12h full solidification

Effective substance ≥ 95 (%)

Storage period: 2 years

Shear strength: 16MPa

Size: 12mm

Usage: Mainly used to fill Casting defect such as sand holes, air holes or cracks in iron and steel castings

Package includes: Metal glue (85g/50g) * 1+push rod * 1+scraper * 1+sandpaper * 1

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