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Portable & Compact Clothes Dryer

Portable & Compact Clothes Dryer

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Introducing our Efficient & Space-Saving Clothes Dryer, designed to streamline your laundry routine without sacrificing valuable space. With powerful features and a compact design, drying your clothes has never been easier.


SEAMLESS SPACE-SAVING & HIDDEN HOOKS: Say hello to a clutter-free home! Our dryer effortlessly fits into any space, ensuring your home remains spacious and inviting. Plus, with cleverly hidden hooks, you can dry your clothes anywhere without sacrificing precious space.

HIGH LOAD CAPACITY & RAPID DRYING MAGIC: Laundry day just got a whole lot easier! With a generous 10kg load capacity, our dryer breezes through 9-12 pieces of clothing in no time. Thanks to its powerful 600W motor, you can bid farewell to damp clothes even during the rainy season.

GENTLE CARE & CONSTANT TEMPERATURE COMFORT: Your clothes deserve the royal treatment! Enjoy the luxury of constant temperature drying that keeps your fabrics soft and cozy. Our dryer's gentle care mode is like a warm hug for delicate fabrics, while the quick-drying mode ensures your everyday clothes are ready in a flash.

REVOLUTIONARY STERILIZATION MASTERY: Experience the ultimate freshness with our cutting-edge sterilization technology. Our dryer's 360-degree all-round drying, coupled with hot air circulation convection, banishes bacteria and mites with ease. With a blend of 60 degrees Celsius hot air, PTC ceramic heat, and UV blue light sterilization, your clothes emerge fresh, clean, and sanitized every time.

INTELLIGENT TIMER & REMOTE CONTROL MARVEL: Relax and let our intelligent timer take care of the details. Set it for 1-8 hours, and enjoy peace of mind as your dryer automatically powers off. And with remote control synchronization, you're in command from anywhere in your home. Convenience at your fingertips!


Power: 600W

Heating Technology: PTC Ceramic Heat + UV Blue Light Sterilization

Modes: Care mode for silk, wool, etc.; Quick-drying mode for cotton, nylon, etc.


Please ensure proper ventilation during use and avoid blocking the air vents to prevent overheating.

Do not exceed the recommended load capacity to ensure optimal drying performance and safety.

Keep the dryer away from water sources and moisture to avoid electrical hazards.


Supervise the dryer during operation, especially when children or pets are present.

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